COVID-19 vaccination roll-out continues – your help is needed

The NHS is inviting more people for their COVID-19 vaccination.

Currently, those aged 56 and over alongside people who are deemed both extremely clinically vulnerable and clinically vulnerable, frontline health and social care workers, people with a learning disability and people who act as a main carer to someone at risk from COVID-19 are being invited to book an appointment for their vaccination.

We want to help provide the vaccination to as many of the people in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly who have been invited as possible and we have been working with the NHS on making the appointment as comfortable and as simple as possible for everyone.

To do this we need your help to have conversations with your colleagues, friends, family and people who you may work with on a daily basis. We have provided some documents attached which contain some information or advice that we hope provides as much useful information about the COVID vaccine as possible for both the person receiving the vaccine and their family, friend, carer or support worker.

We have attached:

  1. COVID vaccine programme summary and QA. This contains some frequently asked questions with the answers that may help dispel some myths and provide people with further information to allay any concerns they may have about the vaccine.
  2. COVID vaccine resource bank. This contains all the information that you may find useful talking to underrepresented individuals, groups and communities. It includes links to resources such as Easy Read leaflets, translated leaflets, videos of conversations with individuals from underrepresented groups, learning disability vaccine pathways etc.
  3. What can I expect when I attend my vaccine appointment. This has some pictures and information to help people understand what to expect when they attend for their appointment. It provides a contact for booking volunteer transport and explains to people there will be extra help on hand for those that need it. It is intended to reassure people that the process is well planned and that they will be made to feel welcome. The feedback we have had from our vaccine clinics has been extremely positive.
  4. Digital GP access card. More information on this is provided in the document titled COVID vaccine resource bank. We have also shared this information with GPs. Individuals do not need a fixed abode to get registered with a GP. This leaflet may help someone to take this to a GP to register. Registering with a GP will help the surgery know they need to invite that person to receive their vaccine. If people still do not wish to be registered they can still receive their vaccine.

If you have any feedback on any of these documents or have any further questions or ideas how to support the individuals and communities that you work with to receive the vaccine then please do contact Sarah Phillips, Engagement Officer – Public Health at: or myself Ellen Rudge, VCSE Communications Officer – Public Health at:

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