Coronavirus: Missional & Theological reflections


Coronavirus continues to have a profound impact right across our world.

For a number of years Christians have been considering how we re-imagine church in a post-Christendom landscape. The rupture to our normal lives from the COVID-19 pandemic has been dramatic. The way in which normal life is being changed and shut down provides an opportunity for the church to practice the two greatest commandments.

During a crisis there are both dangers and opportunities. In a national emergency we have the chance to counter fear with peace and panic with the reassurance of God’s presence and love. In this period, new blogs, prayers and reflections have been produced that might help us in an era of social distancing and isolation to start rethinking the mission of the church in these strange new times.

CTE’s Rev Dr Ben Aldous has compiled an extensive list of links covering:

  • Theological Reflections
  • Biblical themed reflections
  • Isolation and Trauma
  • Missiological and future church reflections
  • Being a Good Neighbour
  • COVID-19 and academic reflections
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