Cornwall Hugs Care Workers

Dear Cornwall Hugs friends, 

Thank you for your generous support for Cornwall Hugs Grenfell. Together we welcomed nearly 500 of those affected for respite in Cornwall. This was life-changing for many.  We want to let you know about a new project, in case you are able to share our news or support us in some way. 

Now in Covid-19 times, we’re using our systems to launch CORNWALL HUGS CARE WORKERS, specifically supporting Cornish Care Workers, who are some of the unseen heroes of the hour. We’re hoping for a real Dunkirk spirit to come to their rescue with temporary emergency accommodation. All over Cornwall, Care Workers are going to extreme measures to continue in their front-line jobs but avoid infecting vulnerable loved ones at home. They’re sleeping in tents, sheds and chairs in the Care Homes where they work. While there is budgetary provision for NHS staff, when they need to isolate, there is none for the 15,500+ working in the Social Care Sector. So we’ve created a new portal for empty holiday lets to register and Care Workers to signal their need. 

With the new project, accommodation providers can offer freely, at cost (cleaning, utilities) or for reduced rent. They can stipulate length and conditions. We will provide safety guidelines and as with Grenfell, they will always be able to decline a request. None of us know how the tourism industry will develop over the Summer, so this is key.  All registration is via the new portal . For those able to contribute a little to our ‘engine’ costs, we have a just giving page. This project needs separate funding to Grenfell, of course, so that will be a great help. Thank you! We know that times are tough and very much appreciate support of any kind. Please let us know what you think and do follow and share on social media @CornwallHugs. If you don’t want to be further contacted, do unsubscribe below. On the other hand, if you have ideas for how we can publicise or develop this, please let us know.

On behalf of Cornwall’s front-line Care Workers, thank you! 
Esmé and the tiny Cornwall Hugs Team.

Our thanks to @chrisyacoubianimages for his gift of photography for the project.    For more information or images please contact Esmé Page:

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