Cornwall Faith Forum (CFF) – Sharing, Building and Learning for Peace Together

Did you know?

  • CFF welcomes anyone interested in working for peace (whether you belong to a recognised faith tradition or not)
  • CFF works with Cornwall’s faith communities in Building, Sharing and Learning for Peace projects. These include Baha’is, Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Jews, Muslims and Pagans.
  • CFF partners with several community organisations so we can support each other and grow together.
  • CFF organises events every month; these include celebrating each other’s seasons and festivals, debating and exploring issues, and sharing occasions like the Big Lunch and World Peace Day with the wider community.

What can you do?

Thank you so much – together we can surely find our ‘Common Ground’, value each other’s faith traditions, and learn, share and build peace together.

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