Cornwall Council publishes climate change risk report

Cornwall Council is one of the first in the country to publish a local Climate Change Risk Assessment report. 

The report looks at regional effects of rising sea levels and more extreme weather in Cornwall. 

The report is produced by Cornwall-based climate science consultancy Climate Change Risk Management (CCRM), led by director Professor Stephan Harrison, professor of climate and environmental change at the University of Exeter.

The report says the region will see among the highest potential sea level rises around the UK by the end of the century, in the range of 0.2m to 1m – depending on the extent to which emissions levels can be reduced. 

Other key potential changes for Cornwall include: 

  • The possibility of more high impact flooding of the type seen in Boscastle in 2004 and Coverack in 2017 
  • Stronger storms and higher wind speeds 
  • Faster coastal erosion 
  • More heatwaves and severe droughts 
Read the full report
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