Cornish folk singer Will Keating’s new single reflects Cornwall’s food poverty and men’s mental health issues

In October 2022 I was asked to perform a song at a UK Food Poverty Forum Conference and had the idea to adapt a powerful song written by Peter Hames called Ordinary Man. During the adaption of the lyrics, my daughter received a message from her friend telling her that her Father had tragically just taken his own life. I added some lyrics to reflect mens mental health problems and the rise in Male suicide, as a way to spark conversation, raise awareness, and hopefully save lives! The Video includes cameos from professional rugby players & coaching staff from the Cornish Pirates, including Captain John Stevens. John Dowling, Gareth Young and Dylan Whelan also appear.

The track features folk music legend Phil Beer, from Show of Hands, on Acoustic Slide Guitar, John Dowling on Banjo, Seth Bye on Fiddle, Bec Applebee on Crowdy Crawn, and Daniel Woodfield on whistle.

Will Keating

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