Co-creating Cornwall’s Future eBrochure

by Laura Barnes | 1 Jul 2021 |

Following the success of Co-creating Cornwall’s Future, we are proud to present our eBrochure.

This eBrochure contains recordings of all sessions on the day, plus some bonus material from ChaosTV and our sector showcase videos. We hope you will get the chance to see anything you missed on the day.

Cornwall Voluntary Sector Forum takes a different approach to events. We work collaboratively within the sector to get ideas and suggestions for how to create a memorable experience for our delegates. The day took shape following sense-checking and information-sharing sessions and meetings with stakeholders and partners across the sector. Although this approach takes longer than a more didactic event, it upholds our values of ensuring every voice is heard.

We celebrate Cornwall’s spirit of collaboration and community.

As an umbrella organisation for the sector in Cornwall, we believe in co-creation. We believe in amplifying all voices and ensuring everyone is included. Trauma informed approaches to design and cocreation underpin our values. We are Cornwall Voluntary Sector Forum. We strengthen the sector. We co-create ideas and events to represent you.

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