ChurchWorks Commission for Covid Recovery


Our Story So Far…..

YourNeighbour was set up to coordinate a Church response to COVID across the UK.

We are a network of 1,200 local churches and over 40 denominations and partners who have joined together to restore hope, renew community and to help churches to tackle injustice in the wake of COVID.  

We know that the local church is the hope for the nation. 

The Next Step…

Our ChurchWorks Commission brings together all major Christian denominations and the government to have strategic conversations about the Church’s role in Covid recovery. It is the natural next step for YourNeighbour as the country looks towards recovery.

These conversations will unite the Church in showcasing its transformative work in communities across our nation.

Commissioners will identify key recovery priorities and work on them with leading Christian charities and government departments. 

Hear from our Commissioners.

We are bringing together many of our most influential and impactful national church leaders and enabling them to work together across the UK to restore hope, renew community and tackle injustice in the wake of Covid.

Hear from them about their hopes for the ChurchWorks Commission.

What will the Commission do?

Showcase: The commission will highlight and showcase the key work churches do in serving the vulnerable and transforming local communities.

Collaborate: The commissioners will identify key priorities for Covid recovery and convene working groups between churches, charities and the government to work together to tackle these issues.

Support: It will create opportunities for more of this vital work to continue into the future through unlocking new resources and support for church-based programmes.

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