Christmas volunteering and meals

Volunteer Cornwall want to try to ensure that no-one is left alone over Christmas. This is especially important this year given the disruption to normal life we have all faced.

They have pulled together a page to spread the word about community events taking place across Cornwall, however there are far fewer notified to them than in previous years. Some of these may need your help as a volunteer but all of them are featured because they provide opportunities – especially to older and vulnerable people – to be part of something rather than being alone through the festive period.  Find the details here.

Contact them at, telephone 01872 266988 or use the Christmas Form to share details of your planned activities if you would like them to be included on their page.

Please note that the last date for adding information on opportunities for the Christmas period will be at noon on Friday 18th December.

There are also opportunities listed for toy donations, some of which are open to receiving nominations of charities which could distribute toys to the people they work with. Make sure your organisation features, if you could use them.

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