Christians Against Poverty

The Falmouth, Penryn & Surrounding Villages Christians Against Poverty (CAP) Debt Centre celebrated its 2nd birthday at the end of September 2022. Since our launch we have welcomed 29 clients, 21 of which are ongoing. We celebrate and give thanks to God that 5 of these are now debt free, with 5 others well on the way to having the weight of debt lifted from them.
We are also Advocates of Acts 435 through which we have been able to help our clients in various ways including raising the £90 fee for Debt Relief Orders (DRO) which set our clients free from their debts.
If you would like to be informed of any future requests for client needs, including funding a DRO, please let me know (contact details below) and I can email you the links as they arise.
We visit our clients, mainly in their own homes, with the support of a Befriender who keeps in contact with the client until they become debt free. We also have a Blessings team who support our clients in many other ways along their journey. This team collects items for our Christmas Hampers and then distributing them to our clients who are always amazed and delighted to receive them.
As we are getting busier the need for befrienders grows. If you belong to a FPCT church and would be interested in joining our team either as a befriender, being part of our blessings team, or would just like more information, please do get in touch with me.
Jacqui Bennett, CAP Debt Centre Manager
Tel: 0737 66 55 711, email:

We were excited to run a CAP Money Course during November 2022 for parents of three parent and toddler groups linked to local churches – Growbaby (Vineyard), Little Sparks (New Street), and Pebbles (Emmanuel).
CAP Money offers the largest face-to-face financial management training in the UK. In this time of economic challenge for us all, it’s great that we can support people in our local community in this way.
For more information about CAP Money, please visit If your church would like to host a CAP Money Course in the New Year, please do let me know.
Glyn Lumley, CAP Money Course Coach
Tel: 07544 858232, email:

At the end of October 2022, we opened our latest CAP Job Club to help those seeking employment. This is being hosted by the Central Methodist Church in Helston.
CAP Job Clubs offer a unique mix of support through the running of a course, providing one-to-one coaching, and building a sense of community amongst fellow jobseekers. We are often able to help those with a range of needs that other organisation are unable to do. You can find more information at
Glyn Lumley, CAP Job Club Manager
Tel: 07544 858232, email:

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