Care Home Ministry

The pandemic gave us new ways of sharing the love of Christ with care home residents and staff.  These are some of the ways in which we have continued to keep in touch and provide support and spiritual input:

  • Telephone calls and emails to managers and activities coordinators
  • Video service on YouTube each month – Peter Richards – YouTube
  • DVDs of the YouTube service (for residents confined to their rooms)
  • Audio CD each month (for residents with sight loss)
  • ‘Monthly Link’ – A4 sheet as an email attachment (topical piece with pictures and spiritual application for homes to copy for residents)
  • Christmas cards on behalf of FPCT for every resident (170+)

During a time when residents have missed contact with family and friends and staff have been under immense pressure, our prayer has been that each of these items and actions will have brought some hope and encouragement.  There have been several appreciative comments – e.g. “Please thank the team once again.  You have been a great support to me and all in the home”

In recent months we have been able to resume monthly in-person services in two homes and the Day Centre, subject to necessary precautions.  This has been the first for two years and has brought great joy all round!    

The care home ministry is led by Peter Richards, and a core group of about 12 people has continued  to meet each month via Zoom to share news, pray for residents and staff and make tentative plans for the future. During the year we have lost members of the team, through death and moving away from Falmouth.

We have received £39 from FPCT this year to enable purchase of Christmas cards for residents.  Apart from that the care home ministry has not received any other income.  Team members give freely of their time and cover minor expenses out of their own pockets..

Future Plans

We look forward to the day when we can re-start regular monthly services in all the homes, subject to risk assessments and the procedures adopted by each home.  This could potentially mean 10 services a month, which will stretch the resources of the team.  With advancing age some members of the team may not be able to do so much, so we pray for more to join us who have a real love for older people and a longing to share with them the good news of Jesus. Until all homes have re-opened to visits it is likely we will continue to provide YouTube services and the Monthly Link, which have actually been reaching many more people than would normally attend a service.

Peter Richards

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