Christians Against Poverty working with Local Churches to Provide Laptops for Local Schools : Update


Jacqui Bennett, Christians Against Poverty Debt Centre Manager for Falmouth, Penryn & Surrounding Villages, writes:

I thought you might be interested to know how God is blessing our prayers and requests for unwanted laptops, and now unwanted iPads or for funds to buy new ones, so that children at home on lockdown will be able to access their online school work. It’s been wonderful to see God at work, and how taking a step of faith leads to amazing things.

The laptops we purchased for St Francis School have been delivered and were due to be given to the children during the week beginning Monday 8th February. The headteacher is so grateful for all we have done to help them, and we give thanks to God for answered prayers.

I am working with Falmouth Primary Academy who need around 40 devices. This is for the children most in need. Families with multiple siblings, mostly working from a mobile phone. They are so grateful for this help and can’t believe it each time I turn up with more devices.

I have to admit that when 40 was mentioned, I did take a large gulp, before thinking, OK, I’m sure that if God can supply the required amount for one school, He can supply 40 more! I have a vision of having so many laptops that we can offer them to even more schools.

I was recently sent a picture of a sunflower and the words ‘Bloom where you’re planted’. As I looked at it and saw all the sunflower seeds in the middle, I thought of each seed as a laptop which would fall to the ground and scatter God’s love all over our area.

So, how far have we got.   2 weeks ago we had £1,370. Now we have so far raised – £4,060!!!

This is totally amazing and I thank everyone who has helped to achieve this amount and also to those who have given me laptops.

I have been ordering laptops where I can find them. Refurbished ones are now hard to find and often cost more than a new one, and new ones are only released a few at a time and at the moment cost around £199.

Last week I was able to order our 10th laptop for Falmouth Primary. This means that we are ¼ of the way to their target. And so far I have enough to get another 4. In addition to this I have given the school 1 unwanted device and have another 2 to check out. So with each small step we get closer to the 40.

Its been such a privilege seeing God work in this way, Word is spreading but we need to keep going, keep on praying and spreading the word where you can and keep trusting in God, that he will supply all our needs, either unwanted laptops or iPads or new devices. Schools may be due to return at the beginning of March, but it may be a gradual with only certain classes returning so I think laptops and home schooling may be with us for a while yet.

If you have an unwanted laptop still in good working order, preferably Windows 7 or above or an iPad, and you would like to donate it please let me know by either emailing or phone 0737 66 55 711.

If you would like to donate something towards purchasing a laptop please use the contact details above or email

Alternatively, if you would prefer to send a cheque please make it payable to St Budock PCC, this can be posted to:

St Budock Parish Church Office, Budock Water, Falmouth TR11 5BZ

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