Challenge Poverty Week 2023

This year, Challenge Poverty Week in partnership with Church Action on Poverty will run from the 16th to the 22nd of October. We are asking churches and other projects  working to address a range of issues to get involved. We are asking you to invite local leaders, including M.P.’s and Local Councillors, to visit your project to show case the excellent work you do and to offer to your visitors insights into why so many people in our communities are suffering from poverty.

There will be a chance to post photos and a short comment. A report will be prepared and widely distributed to raise awareness of the issues and to try and influence local and central government planning and policy making, with a view to making positive changes in regard to poverty.

There will also be a Conference on the 13th of October, as part of Challenge Poverty Week at St Michaels Church Newquay from 9.30am to 2pm  – Eventbrite link HERE.   

Church Action on Poverty is also involved in a meeting on the 14th of October, involving a range of national organisations in an event titled Free from Poverty. A focus on all of these events is that the soaring cost of living in Cornwall will deny dignity to many people

Please encourage local leaders to visit your project in CPW or sometime in October.  There may be some councillors who are looking for projects to visit and if you want to put yourself forward then contact Justin Ricks to see if you can be linked up. 

If you cannot find a local leader then please just take a photo of your group with the attached Challenge Poverty Week poster included and post using hashtags

Thank you


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