CEC Annual Report 2020: Living in Hope in Pandemic Times

02 July 2021

CEC Annual Report 2020: Living in Hope in Pandemic Times

The CEC Annual Report 2020 is now available. The report titled Living in Hope in Pandemic Times reviews CEC activities carried out in the tumultuous year of the COVID-19 pandemic. The challenging year still witnessed significant projects, professing CEC’s vision “Together in Hope and Witness.”

The report is available in EnglishFrench and German.

The report describes CEC’s work in the area of peace and reconciliation, ecclesiology and mission, dialogue with European Institutions, EU policy and legislation, human rights, care for creation and sustainable development, science, new technologies, education, democracy and diversity, as well as migration and asylum.

In their introduction to the report, CEC President Rev. Christian Krieger and CEC General Secretary Dr Jørgen Skov Sørensen shared how “in spite of obstacles, CEC still managed to deliver in almost all areas in 2020. In-person gatherings, events and meetings were largely canceled or postponed. Yet, in the same way as our Member Churches, we found ways and means to adapt.”

“For both CEC and for our Member Churches, 2020 was a year of saying many prayers. Praying together became a powerful vaccine against the loss of hope, against the absence of communal resilience and against the lack of human sustainability,” they added.

Download the CEC Annual Report 2020 in EnglishFrench and German.

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