Call and Care

Call and Care is a new initiative from Premier providing resources to support and encourage Community Groups (churches and other organisations) to train and equip local volunteers to make contact by telephone with people in their communities.

Many people in our society today are isolated and lonely. The number of people and the intensity of isolation has been exacerbated by the circumstances surrounding the pandemic and varying stages of lockdown.

In a recent survey, more than a quarter of people could not recall the last time anyone outside their family had asked how they were.

​This is where the Church and local community organisations can be part of the answer and show the love of Jesus by reaching out to those in need of a listening ear and someone to talk to bringing encouragement, hope and a sense of belonging.

Online Training

The twelve videos of the Call and Care initiative consider issues such as:

  • the need for someone to talk to
  • confidentiality and safeguarding
  • selecting the right team members
  • how to be a good listener
  • mental health issues
  • well-being tips
  • and support for caller-makers.

Also two modules specifically giving a Christian context, covering prayer and issues of faith.

Watch the Videos

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