Box of Hope: Delivering hope to the doorsteps of struggling children!


The Box of Hope Story

When the pandemic hit the UK last year, TLG were incredibly concerned about children and families going into isolation without basic necessities. Children whose parents were already on the poverty line and facing food insecurity, whose homes were already unsettled and whose lives were already filled with anxiety.

COVID-19 has had, and continues to have, a devastating impact on financial security and emotional wellbeing for millions of people. With so many families desperately struggling long before the pandemic hit and many more struggling now, it was vital that we stepped up to reach those in need.

Box of Hope was our response. Each parcel contained food supplies for the whole family, essential household items, activities and wellbeing resources, information on other support and messages of hope from our supporters. We partnered with 244 churches around the UK to deliver Box of Hope, churches who lovingly sought to bless their communities during such a crucial time.

Together, we’ve reached thousands of families! Box of Hope has been a lifeline for many, providing essential support both practically and emotionally.

The two-metre space between me and the person at the door receiving a Box of Hope became a sacred space during COVID. We laughed and cried together, I’ve listened and my heart has broken. I have been inspired by people’s resilience, wisdom and kindness. Box of Hope has enabled us to build true authentic community. – Revd Lynsey Heslegrave

What next?

With this winter set to be a devastating period of worry and despair for children and their families, we are delighted to be working yet again with hundreds of churches to offer hope to those in need. In the midst of the pandemic last year, TLG was able to offer £200 seed funding – thanks to our generous supporters – to churches involved in our Box of Hope campaign. Incredibly, TLG Box of Hope has now seen well in excess of a million meals being delivered to people’s doorsteps at a time of significant need. However, with recent cuts to Universal Credit, surges in energy prices and the general cost of living increasing, thousands of families are gearing up for another tough winter. Mental and emotional wellbeing have declined, meaning many families are now desperate for support.

We need to act NOW to reach these families. 

From today, our winter Box of Hope emergency care package programme, which provides urgent food and critical wellbeing resources for children in crisis, is open for applications. Your church could be one of 50 to receive crucial start-up funding, resources and support to enable it to become a Box of Hope partner. Last year, hundreds of faithful churches came together to deliver these emergency care packages. This year, let’s join together once again to deliver hope to those who are desperate.

Will your church join us in providing Boxes of Hope this winter?

There are 4.6 million children living in poverty in the UK today. They need to feel the love of their community now more than ever. So this is a great time for your church to partner with TLG Box of Hope! There are churches just like yours getting involved across the UK. Apply to join TLG Box of Hope today to reach families in your area.

Register on the link below and we will get right back to you.

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