Borrowed Time: building pastoral care in the climate emergency

In Green Christian we think the climate and ecological emergency is probably the greatest mission challenge the churches have ever faced.

We want to create places where people can meet together for a journey through climate grief and eco-anxiety. It’s work which requires new skills, new insights and new ways with words.

That’s why we are establishing Borrowed Time (Click here for a link to the Borrowed Time blog)

Borrowed Time is a new project to help churches to:

  • provide circles of support and public rituals where people can work through the emotional, existential and spiritual challenges which now confront us
  • forge new understandings of human purpose and identity which might unlock urgent political action and economic change
  • form moral pioneers committed to a civilisation of love, amid growing turmoil and disorientation, and potential collapse.

If you’d like to find out more about how to get involved, Paul Bodenham would be very pleased to hear from you, especially if you have skills advertised in a previous post.

If you’d like to see the slides of talks which Paul gave in November 2019, download them here.

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