Bishop Philip’s Christmas message

Bishop Philip has offered his thanks to everyone in the Church and wider community in his annual Christmas message.

In the video, which was recorded online in keeping with the Covid-restricted year we have all experienced, Bishop Philip thanked those in church and the wider community for their faithfulness, generosity, friendship and hope over the last 12 months.

Touching on key events in 2021 such as Covid, the death of Prince Philip and G7, Bishop Philip also noted the challenges including the strain on the NHS, the supply issues in supermarkets and the housing crisis many in Cornwall are facing.

‘God is with us, he has not left us’

While he noted the difficulties, Bishop Philip was keen to remind us all that ‘Our God is with us, he has not left us’ and that Jesus being with us is not just a message for Christmas Day, it is a message for every day.

Watch Bishop Philip’s Christmas message below or here:

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