Archbishop’s Plea for Suffering Christians

Southwark’s new Archbishop has made an urgent call for action to support persecuted Christians saying helping them “is not somebody else’s business: it’s our business”.

Speaking at a Mass today (Tuesday, 18th February) at the Church of Our Lady of the Rosary, Sutton, Surrey, Archbishop John Wilson spoke out against complacency in the face of persistent reports of anti-Christian persecution.

The Mass took place ahead of the Archbishop’s visit to the Sutton-based UK national offices of Aid to the Church in Need and in his homily Archbishop Wilson praised the Catholic charity for its work supporting suffering Christians.

The Archbishop said persecution of Christians “is so frequent that we are now used to it. It has become acceptable for Christians to be persecuted for their faith. It is not acceptable.”

“It is not acceptable that people should be brought before the court, brought before the militia for what they believe.

“Freedom to believe is essential and if we do not speak up nobody else will.”

He said: “Solidarity with persecuted Christians is in our hearts. We should never be complacent about this. It is not somebody else’s business: it is our business. It has a claim on our hearts as Catholics, as Christians.”

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