A Voyage of Discovery: Deepening discipleship in Messy Churches and beyond

Here is the exciting collection of research findings and resource materials from the 2019-20 research project Deepening Discipleship. This was a project of the Archbishops’ Council Evangelism and Discipleship Team supported by the Strategic Development Fund, led by Church Army’s Research Unit (CARU) and Messy Church at BRF.

Messy Churches in the dioceses of Bristol, Durham and Hereford worked with CARU and BRF to pilot six approaches for deepening discipleship in their contexts, using groundbreaking research methodology. If you find any of these materials or approaches useful in your own church, Messy or beyond, please let us know so the findings can continue to be shared.

Downloadable resources

General info

For an introduction to A Voyage of Discovery and the deepening discipleship project, watch the video above.

A Voyage of Discovery report


Sample reflection sheet

Ten ways to gather feedback

Messy Church survey

For more information on wider resources to support growing Faith at Home from the CofE, click here.

Islands resources

Islands map

Island script for leaders

Islands activity notes

Travel journal

Six discipleship approaches

Approach 1: Faith conversations

Faith conversations overview

Messy Basics

Approach 2: Young leader development

Young leader development overview

Messy Young Leaders’ Badges info

Young Leaders’ badge

Young Leaders’ certificate

Approach 3: Social action

Social action overview

Approach 4: Maturing teams

Maturing teams overview

Approach 5: Extras

Extras overview

Approach 6: Mentoring

Mentoring overview

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