A 40 Day Prayer Journey to Pentecost


We hope and pray that this update finds you well and not just surviving the current lockdown, but thriving in the things of the Lord!

There are many ups and downs in this new enforced way of life – and if there has ever been a time to pray – it is now!

That is why we are calling the church to a 40 day prayer journey –

We are in the season in-between First Fruits (Resurrection) and Shouvot (Pentecost). It was in this season in the life of the early church that they were told to wait and pray for the Holy Spirit to come.

We find ourselves in a similar season, where once again we are looking to the Holy Spirit to move across the World.

On Wednesday 22nd April (Day 1) we have 40 days until Pentecost Sunday – 31st May (Day 40)

What if…during our daily walks, the church used these time to have a focused 40 day prayer journey.

We will be using a fantastic resource prepared by Jill Gower (Director of Call to Prayer – House of Prayer Norwich – www.call2prayer.co.uk), to pray for our neighbours and our community.

Join us on a prayer journey to Pentecost!

You can either order a hard copy of this booklet from www.call2prayer.co.uk or message us for a PDF version.

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