One Million Hours of Prayer for Japan

One million hours of prayer for Japan. This is the vision we have helped put together with our partners JiSP (Japan International Sports Partnership) and other Great Commission Christian coworkers here in Japan. We envision inviting the global church to join the body of Christ in Japan in raising one million hours of prayer for Japan during this Olympics and Paralympics season. We are gaining tremendous momentum in a way that can only be accredited to God.

The Olympics provides an opportunity every four years for the world’s attention to be drawn to the host nation and for the global church’s attention to be drawn to prayer for that host nation.

The world’s attention is drawn to the Games in Japan perhaps more so than ever before, given the circumstances. And as prayer networks, churches, and supporters have been asking how they can pray for Japan during this time, we are eager to not let this moment pass us by.

Will you join us in contributing to a significant increase in prayer for the church in Japan?

We hope you’ll join us in one or more of these ways (times below listed in Japan time zone):

Prayer gathering on July 22nd (8:00pm) led by JiSP (Japanese only). Worship will be led by Takafumi Nagasawa.

Prayer gathering on July 23 (6:30pm) led by the JEMA prayer ministry (English only).

Prayer gathering on July 27 (7:30pm) led by the JEMA prayer ministry (English/Japanese).

Share the website with friends and ministry partners who have a heart to pray for Japan. Available in English, Japanese, and Korean.

Sign up for daily emails at and commit to pray alongside believers in Japan and around the world. As of today, there are over 9,400 hours of prayer committed for Japan, and many more expected to come in.

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