Offline and Online Religious Activity in the UK during Lockdown and Post-Lockdown

For Immediate Release (Monday 24 August 2020)

During the summer of 2020, a research team at Durham University have beenexploring the spiritual life and religious activity of the UK through a tracking poll with Savanta ComRes. We have asked an online panel, properly representative of the UK’s population,about their offline faith-related engagement prior to the lockdown back in March and their online faith-related engagement now as we shift from lockdown to whatever we call the post-lockdown period. We have focussed on six faith-related activities: prayer, meditation, corporate/organisedworship, reflection on nature, choir, and yoga. We asked for the data to be broken down into age categories and UK regions/nations.

The research is ongoing but we are releasing three highlights from the research so far and Savanta ComRes will also be releasing the data tables for the survey results for July and August.

  • 1. London is the UK’s Capital of Faith.
  • 2. Over 1 in 4 people in the UK have engaged regularly in online organised worship during lockdown
  • 3. Half of the countries’ young people (18-34) say that during the later lockdown they regularly engage in online faith-related activity including regular prayer and regular engagement with online worship.
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