COP26: A Decade to Deliver

Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland and Chair of The Elders, speaks on the impact of Covid-19 on preparations for climate change, introducing this webinar run by Climate Action

Recorded on: Thursday,14 May 2020

COP26: A Decade to Deliver: The pandemic has given us a glimpse into a global economy decimated by a crisis. If governments and businesses do not maintain their commitments to climate action, and if COP26 is not successful in addressing the global climate emergency, the current levels of economic disruption will be our reality by 2050. The actions we take this year, and the outcomes of the COP26 in 2021, will dictate our global capacity to stem the climate breakdown forever. 

Discussion points included:

  • How has the pandemic affected climate and environmental diplomacy?
  • What are the critical components that must be addressed for COP to be a success?
  • What is the role of the private sector, NGO community, and Civil Society groups at COP?
  • How can we maintain momentum throughout 2020 and what can organisations do this year to lay the foundations for more ambitious climate action?
  • Should we be linking the economic recovery to the SDGs and how do we ‘build back better’?

Featured Speakers: 


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